Are Black Soy Beans Keto Friendly?

Answer: Black soy beans are the most keto-friendly bean available.

Keto Meter: 5
Black Soy Beans

For keto eaters, restrictions on beans are a crushing blow. Almost every bean variety is loaded with carbs, which eliminates huge parts of Latin American cuisine and American classics like three-bean chili or beans 'n franks. But just when you thought all hope was lost, a bean hero emerges: black soy beans.

Unlike other starchy bean varieties like lima beans or black beans, black soy beans are delightfully low in carbs, at only 1 g of net carbs per half-cup serving. Not only that, but they contain 6 g of fat and an impressively high 11 g of protein. They're more firm than regular black beans, so a popular way to eat them is to add them to chili or to make refried beans.

Within the keto community, Eden Organic is the most popular and frequently recommended brand of black soy beans, though there are some smaller brands like Handy Pantry that sell it as well.

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