Is Chocolate Keto Friendly?

Answer: Dark chocolate above 80% cacao is keto-friendly, but most other chocolates are not.

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There are many types of chocolate, but only a few fit into a keto-based diet.

Dark chocolate is generally keto-friendly provided that it's at least 80% cacao. Be wary of chocolate snacks that have fruit flavors or fillings such as caramel or cream, which are often sugary and non-keto. Always check the label. A good dark chocolate option for keto will be 4 to 6 g of net carbs per serving.

Lily's is an extremely popular chocolate brand within the keto community. Lily's sweetens their chocolate with erythritol, a sugar alcohol whose carbs your body does not digest, resulting in delicious chocolate that's light on net carbs. For example, their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar contains 19 g of net carbs, but 8 g are from fiber and 7 g are from erythritol, leaving only 4 g of net carbs per serving.

Another popular dark chocolate is Ghiradelli's Intense Dark Squares. They don't use sugar alcohols, but they're still low in carbs, at only 3 g of net carbs per square.

Semi-sweet chocolate, often used in chocolate chips, is moderately keto-friendly, usually weighing in at around 8 g of net carbs per 1 tablespoon serving. As always, check the label to determine the carb count for your particular brand.

Milk chocolate and white chocolate contain huge amounts of sugar, so they unfortunately do not fit into keto.

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