Are Hot Dogs Keto Friendly?

Answer: With 3 g of net carbs in a typical hot dog, they're a welcome addition to any keto BBQ.

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Hot Dogs

Good news for all the baseball fans and backyard cookout lovers out there - hot dogs are keto-friendly. A single dog contains 3 g of net carbs, so it's easy to fit one or two into your daily carb limits. But those carbs can add up, so if you're looking to pig out at the BBQ, focus on the burgers and grilled chicken.

Hot dogs may be keto-friendly, but fixings like ketchup, relish, and even sauerkraut aren't. Stick to yellow mustard if you like to season your dogs, or mince some pickles to make a keto-friendly relish.

Most store-bought hot dog buns are full of carbs. Instead, try out special keto-friendly buns like ThinSlim Zero Carb Buns, or make them yourself. Low-carb bun recipes use cheese, eggs, and a little almond flour to recreate the familiar feeling of a classic hot dog. You can also go the vegetable route and make a zucchini boat for your hot dog. Slice a zucchini in half, lightly microwave it, then scoop out the seeds. The hot dog will fit right in.

Ever heard the term "empty calories?" It applies to hot dogs. The scrap meat hot dogs are made of contain just a fraction of the nutrients you'll find in a choice cut of meat. What's worse, the carbs you get from hot dogs limit the nutrient-heavy vegetables you can eat that day. So, save hot dogs for the cookout, and don't make them part of your daily diet.

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