Are Jalapeño Peppers Keto Friendly?

Answer: Jalapeño peppers are one of the most keto-friendly vegetables you can find. At a mere 0.5 g of net carbs per serving, they have the versatility to fit into almost any meal.

Keto Meter: 5
Jalapeño peppers

Jalapeño peppers are a popular ingredient in many keto recipes. These peppers provide a great way to add a bit of spicy flavor without impacting a meal's carb count.

Each serving of jalapeño peppers (1 pepper) contains 0.5 g of net carbs. At only 4 calories per serving, they're not very substantial, but you can rest assured that jalapeño peppers won't interfere with your ketosis.

Vitamins and nutrients

Jalapeño peppers contain 18% of your daily value of vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 pepper

Net carbs0.5 g
Fat0.1 g
Protein0.1 g
Total carbs0.9 g
Fiber0.4 g

Source: USDA

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