Is Justin's Classic Almond Butter Keto Friendly?

Answer: Justin's almond butter is a good way to consume fats without taking in too many carbs.

Keto Meter: 4
Justin's Classic Almond Butter

Each 32 g pouch (2 tablespoons) of Justin's Classic Almond Butter contains 18 g of fats at only 3 g of net carbs. This high ratio of fats to carbs is a good match for keto's target mix of macros.

Justin's brand of Classic Almond Butter contains only two ingredients: almonds (obviously) and palm oil. Both are natural and keto-friendly. Stick with the classic plain variety, as Justin's other varieties contain added sugars.

Almond butter is a great complement to other keto foods. You can have it by itself, scoop it with celery, dip cauliflower into it, or mix it into a keto smoothie. There are also plenty of fat bomb recipes that make use of almond butter.

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