Our Mission

Provide clear answers

We rigorously edit and review all of our articles for clarity and correctness.

Our readers come to Is It Keto with specific questions, so we make every effort to provide answers with the highest possible quality of writing.

Answer succinctly

Have you ever clicked a recipe on a food blog only to dig through the author's 5,000-word life story?

So have we! And we hate it.

At Is It Keto, we're committed to telling you whether a food is keto as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our articles have additional details when you want to learn more about a food, but we'll never force you to read a 300-page novel just because you asked us whether broccoli is keto. (It is!)

Make keto information accessible to everyone

You shouldn't have to be a nutrition expert or a keto insider to understand the terminology on Is It Keto.

We avoid using "keto lingo" or any confusing abbreviations that could discourage beginners from getting started with keto.

Use trustworthy research

It's difficult for readers to find trustworthy information about health and nutrition. Too often, sites use pseudoscience or misrepresent findings from scientific studies.

At Is It Keto, we maintain high standards in our research. We only use studies from peer-reviewed scientific journals. We focus on research findings that multiple studies have confirmed and avoid small, one-off results that might be a fluke. Finally, we always cite our sources so that you can verify the information yourself.