Is Monk Fruit Keto Friendly?

Answer: Monk fruit is keto-friendly and all-natural.

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Monk Fruit

When you hear people in the keto community discuss "monk fruit," they're usually not referring to the fruit itself but to the sweetener that comes from the fruit. Monk fruit hails from Southeast Asia, and it belongs to the gourd food family which also includes pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini. Yes, people often forget that these seeded foods are actually fruit and are often keto-friendly!

Monk fruit sweetener has zero carbs and doesn't affect blood glucose levels. While fresh monk fruit is nearly impossible to find in the States, you can find monk fruit sweetener in granulated, powdered, and liquid forms. It also contains mogrosides, antioxidants that decrease inflammation throughout the body.

Keto eaters enjoy monk fruit because it remains stable at high baking temperatures and doesn't have an aftertaste like stevia or saccharin.

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