Are Pork Rinds Keto Friendly?

Answer: Pork rinds are a great keto snack as they're a zero-carb food.

Keto Meter: 5
Pork Rinds

In centuries past, people used all parts of the animals they hunted. For example, they fried pig skin to render out the fat for use in other dishes. The by-products of this rendering are crispy, airy chips called pork rinds. Lucky for keto eaters, pork rinds are a no-carb, protein-filled snack.

There are a few ways to incorporate pork rinds into your meals. Sprinkle them with keto-friendly popcorn seasoning or dip them in ranch. Crushed pork rinds are a great substitute for breadcrumbs, so try them in keto-friendly recipes like meatballs, meatloaf, and fried chicken.

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