Are Cherry Tomatoes Keto?

Answer: Despite their sugar content, cherry tomatoes are low enough in carb to remain keto.

Keto Meter: 4
Cherry Tomatoes


Does your salad needs the flavor pop of some cherry tomatoes?

Rest assured that you can frequently enjoy cherry tomatoes while staying in ketosis. Just be aware that they do contain sugar. One cup of cherry tomatoes contains 5.4 g of net carbs. This makes cherry tomatoes keto-safe, but you’ll need to be mindful of your daily carb count.

Canned cherry tomatoes are often keto-friendly, but check the label to make sure there are no extra additives or preservatives added.

You can get the most nutrition out of your cherry tomatoes if you lightly cook them with a bit of healthy oil like butter or coconut oil. This helps you to absorb their vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidant lycopene.

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