Is Cool Whip Keto?

Answer: Cool Whip is mostly keto, but why not just make your own?

Keto Meter: 3
Cool Whip


Cool Whip is fairly low in carbs. There are several different varieties of Cool Whip, but they are all 2-3 g of net carbs, which consumes a relatively small portion of your daily carb limits.

Most in the keto community recommend against Cool Whip because of its questionable additives.

But why bother with Cool Whip when it's simple to make your own keto-friendly version? Combine heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and a keto-friendly sweetener like stevia or erythritol. Then throw them into a blender or Magic Bullet or just whip them by hand. The result will be a delicious keto-friendly whipped cream.

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