Are Figs Keto Friendly?

Answer: Figs fit the keto diet in moderation.

Keto Meter: 3

Each serving of figs (1 medium, 2-1/4" diameter) contains 8.1 g of net carbs. That's on the high side, but you can still squeeze in small amounts if you've got a strong craving for this tasty fruit.

Consider limiting yourself to half a portion per day to avoid going over your carb limits.

Though fresh figs fit the keto diet, canned or dried figs do not. Packaged figs contain tons of added sugar that manufacturers use as a preservative.

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 medium, 2-1/4" diameter

Net carbs8.1 g
Fat0.1 g
Protein0.4 g
Total carbs9.6 g
Fiber1.4 g

Source: USDA

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