Is Good Dee's Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix Keto Friendly?

Answer: At only 1 g of net carb per serving, Good Dee's offers a convenient way to make keto brownies.

Keto Meter: 4
Good Dee's Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix

Baked goods are one of the biggest challenges for keto. Most standard baking recipes are high in sugar and wheat flour, both of which are big no-nos on keto. Most low carb brownie recipes result in brownies that are bland or overly dry.

Good Dee's offers a keto-friendly brownie mix that's astonishingly low in carbs, at only 1 g of net carbs per brownie. The baking mix is easy to use, as you just mix it with some eggs and butter, then pop it in the oven. Twenty minutes later, you've got delicious, keto-friendly brownies. Customers in the keto community describe these brownies as one of the closest tastes they've found to traditional brownies.

Some fans have adapted the recipe to make chocolate mug cakes by taking half an egg, 1.5 tbsp of melted butter, and 2 tbsp of brownie mix and baking it in a coffee mug.

If you've got a sensitive stomach, this brownie mix is a great match as it's grain-free, gluten-free, and soy free.

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