Is Ketchup Keto?

Answer: Ketchup is generally not keto-friendly because it contains too many carbs.

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Can you still enjoy America’s favorite condiment while staying keto? Tomatoes are keto in moderation, so ketchup should be okay, too. Right?

Sadly, the answer is not that simple. A majority of manufacturers sweeten ketchup by adding sugar, which increases the number of carbs per serving. If you check the label on a bottle of regular ketchup, you’ll see that it contains 4 g of net carbs per tablespoon. This doesn’t sound like much, but most people eat more than a tablespoon of ketchup in one sitting.

If you can’t live without ketchup, you have a couple of options. Try a low sugar ketchup, many of which only have 1 g of net carbs per tablespoon. As described above, a tablespoon is not a lot of ketchup, so eat in moderation. The second option is to make your own ketchup with tomato paste, low carb sweetener, vinegar, and seasonings.

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