Are Buffalo Wings Keto Friendly?

Answer: Buffalo wings can be keto-friendly, provided that they use low-carb sauces and seasoning.

Keto Meter: 4
Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are a uniquely American food. It's a classic snack at Super Bowl parties, and it's an ever-popular appetizer at a variety of American restaurants.

Because recipes for buffalo wings vary depending on the restaurant or manufacturer, their nutritional contents vary. At TGI Friday's, a chain popular for its buffalo wings, serves keto-friendly wings. Its traditional buffalo wings contain 39 g of fat and only 3 g of net carbs. Sweeter varieties of their wings are not keto-friendly, such as the Whiskey-Glazed wings, which pack a whopping 50 g of net carbs. However, at Applebee's, an order of buffalo wings contains 13 g of net carbs, which is much less keto-friendly. Buffalo Wild Wings offers keto-friendly wing options, as their medium buffalo wings contain only 4 g of net carbs.

Avoid breaded varieties of buffalo wings, as the breading is nearly always high in carbs.

If you want some tasty buffalo wings at home, you can make your own keto-friendly buffalo wings. Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wings sauce is fantastic for making buffalo wings, and it's <1 g net carbs per serving. Alternatively, you can buy packaged, frozen buffalo wings and heat them up. The Tyson any'tizers and TGI Friday's packaged wings are both keto-friendly.

Obviously, buffalo wings are not complete without a delicious dipping sauce. Fortunately, the most popular wing sauces are keto-friendly. A 1.5 oz serving of ranch dressing contains only 2.5 g of net carbs. Blue cheese is even better, at 1 g of net carbs. It can be easy to overeat carbs from sauces, so be mindful of your portions.

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