Is Duke's Mayonnaise Keto Friendly?

Answer: Duke's Mayonnaise has zero carbs and is great for keto.

Keto Meter: 5
Duke's Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is the most popular condiment in America. Although Duke's isn't the best-selling mayo brand, it may just have the most passionate fans, especially in the keto community. Once available exclusively in the South, mayo-lovers rejoiced when Duke's became available online for nationwide shipping.

Why do keto eaters love Duke's? It could be the fact that it's zero-carb and full of monounsaturated fat, the healthy fat that helps your body absorb other nutrients. Many, though, say it's the "tang" (most likely from the paprika) that keeps them going back for more. Since so many keto recipes call for mayonnaise, it's important to find one you like.

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