Is Milk Keto?

Answer: Milk is not keto-friendly, but plenty of keto-friendly alternatives exist.

Keto Meter: 2


Milk is unfortunately not compatible with the keto diet.

Among the different options for milk, whole milk and raw milk are the most closest to keto-friendly as they have the highest amount of fat. The macros vary a bit between whole, 2%, 1%, and skim, but they each contain ~12 g of net carbs, which is very high. Full-fat, whole milk is the closest to being keto, as it does contain high fat content despite its high carbs.

Fortunately, coconut milk and almond milk are keto-friendly replacements that you can often swap in for recipes that call for milk. Stick to unsweetened, unflavored milks, and always check the label, but it should be easy to find almond milk or coconut milk with 1 g or less of net carbs.

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