Are Cherries Keto?

Answer: Cherries are not keto, as they're loaded with sugar.

Keto Meter: 1


Pretty please with a cherry on top? Unfortunately, not. If you're sticking to keto, you won't want to put a cherry on top of anything.

A standard 140 g serving of fresh cherries (roughly 1 cup) contains 19.5 g of net carbs, an enormous amount for anyone on a low-carb diet. Each individual cherry has about 1.2 g of net carbs, so you can have one or two, but you're better off choosing more keto-friendly fruits.

Dried cherries are even worse. A cup of dried cherries contains an astronomical 94 g of net carbs. As is the case with most dried fruits, manufacturers add sugar during the dehydration process, drastically increasing the cherries' carb content.

Instead of cherries, turn to these keto-friendly alternatives:

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