Is Greek Yogurt Keto?

Answer: Greek yogurt is a keto-friendly way to take in fats and probiotics.

Keto Meter: 4
Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is a great way to consume dairy while keeping keto. It contains probiotics and is a good source of fats.

Stick to plain, full fat greek yogurt. 2% or low fat greek yogurts are acceptable, but not ideal. Avoid greek yogurts as they usually are much higher in cabs from the flavoring agents.

Some people believe that the nutrition labels on greek yogurt and other fermented dairy products incorrectly overstate the carb count. They believe that by the time greek yogurt reaches grocery shelves, the healthy bacteria in the yogurt consume the carb-heavy lactose, and convert it to lactic acid. This idea seems to have originated from the book GO-Diet by Dr. Jack Goldberg and Dr. Karen O'Mara, but other researchers have not substantiated this claim.

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