Greek yogurt

Keto Meter: 4

Answer: Greek yogurt is even more keto-friendly than the label indicates.

Greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is a great way to consume dairy while keeping keto. It contains probiotics and is a good source of fats.

Stick to plain, full fat greek yogurt. 2% or low fat greek yogurts are acceptable, but not ideal. Avoid flavored greek yogurts as they usually are much higher in cabs from the flavoring agents.

It may surprise you that the true carb count of greek yogurt is actually about half of what it says on the label. This is because manufacturers must measure the carb count at the time food is manufactured. But greek yogurt contains bacteria that eat the milk sugars in the yogurt while it's in the container. This means that you can divide whatever carb count you see on the label by two!

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