Is Bread Keto Friendly?

Answer: Regular bread is not keto-friendly, but there are keto-friendly alternatives.

Keto Meter: 1

Look in the bread aisle of a grocery store, and you'll find dozens of different wheat breads: multi-grain, whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel, white, sourdough, pita... just to name a few. Sadly, none of these options fit the keto diet.

Exact numbers vary between each variety of bread, but a single slice generally contains 10 to 20 g of net carbs. That's high enough that a single slice could push you over your carb limit for the day.

The problem ingredient in bread is wheat flour. Your body converts wheat into glucose (sugar), which spikes insulin levels and causes you to store the sugar as fat.

There are many low carb bread products that use alternative ingredients like almond flour and coconut flour. A handful of brands even offer keto-friendly bread that contain less than 5 g of net carbs per slice, such as:

Because pre-made, low carb bread is relatively expensive and limited in availability, many keto eaters bake their own. Use these terms when searching for keto-friendly bread recipes:

Alternatively, you can skip the keto bread experience altogether by substituting in lettuce wraps when preparing sandwiches, burgers, and burritos.

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 slice

Net carbs12.6 g
Fat1.3 g
Protein3.1 g
Total carbs13.8 g
Fiber1.2 g

Source: USDA

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